MADDON Oilfield Services is steadfast in providing exceptional Mechanical Slickline Services to the Crude Oil and Natural Gas Industry. Through determination and hard work, our focus is on building strong long term relationships with all of our customers. Using an honest and straight forward manner we are able provide a cost effective procedure. MADDON will meet or exceed the challenging demands of the industry.

MADDON conducts operations including complete mechanical slickline services, downhole pressure temperature surveys, tubing extensions, fishing, swabbing, plunger lift installs, permanent and retrievable bridge plugs, retrieve WR plugs, crane services (up to 22 tonne), and hot shot services to the crude oil and natural gas industry.

Health Safety and the Environment

MADDON Oilfield Services is committed to the highest safety standards making our goal to be incident free by conducting pre job safety meetings, well maintained equipment and tools, proper and effective staff training and personal protective equipment. MADDON is devoted to the importance of protecting the environment by identifying potential hazards and ensuring proper procedures are in place to manage risks. MADDON recognizes that the success of our company begins with the commitment of the well being of employees, contractors, customers and the environment.

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